Resilience is not solely an internal process, it is deeply intertwined with our environment (family, culture, political, historical, climate, etc.)

The Serenity Prayer of Resilience: Accept or grieve what cannot be changed Take action, when possible, to create create meaningful change. RESILIENCE IN CONTEXT (HART, ET AL., 20 | 6)

We all know the saying “ nothing changes if nothing changes “.

In what ways can you take steps to transform the systems that have been the source of adversity in your life ?

One way is to have a look at our patterns . We all have them .

Sometimes they run so deeply that we may have to dig deep to find them in our sub conscious.

When we do recognise a pattern (ie. all work and no play / running away from challenges/the need to be perfect etc) it’s helpful to go a bit further to see if we can find out what’s driving the behavior.

Fear is the driver of many of our patterns. Fear of not being good enough , not smart enough , not sporty enough to name just a few .

Does the pattern of behaviour relate to something that happened to us in our childhood or even in the past of our parents or caregivers?

Once we become aware of what is behind our behaviour we can put strategies in place which will enable us to respond in a different way when faced with adversity or a feeling of being overwhelmed .

If you think you could benefit from gaining some insight into your patterns , I’d love to help you so you can make changes and move forward!

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