I love people and I love hearing their stories. While working in nursing I was always interested in the whole person rather than just the physical illness for which they were being treated. 

My interest in people and their stories brought me to where I am now.

I took the long way round to get to this place though, via studying and working in various health related disciplines including nursing,  midwifery and mental health , before finding my passion….. offering integrated somatic therapies to anyone who is interested in discovering the root cause of their anxiety in order to find ease and to assist in the prevention of  dis-ease .

My aim is to educate you around regaining a state of balance (homeostasis) and flow so that you can achieve maximum enjoyment in all aspects of your life…..your family, your work, your play and rest times but most importantly, in your relationship with yourself!

….but just so you know there is more to me than my work , here are a few incidental facts about me : 

  • I love chocolate (dark) and natural peanut butter (separate or in combo!)
  • I completed my first Olympic Distance Triathlon in Noosa for my 60th birthday.
  • I have a silver grey tabby cat Walter  who makes me laugh every day.
  • I always read magazines from back to front…….not books though, that would be weird !
  • I love a good cup of tea, any type , any time, day or night.
  • I go for a run followed by a cold water river swim most days.
  • In my travels across Europe (in my young hippy days !) I was grabbed by a gendarme and locked up in a cell at the main Paris train station…I’ll tell you more when we meet!

But before you go on to read more about my therapies there is something else you need to know about me……  I have an alter ego !

I grew up on a farm in the Riverina but as much as I love this area there is one notable downside to outdoor living  in Spring and Summer , namely  ….Mosquitos!

So when I returned to Albury a few years ago, consistent with my passion for clean living, health and environmental well-being, I began stocking the Good Riddance Mosquito and Midge Repellent range in my clinic.

Hence my nickname MOZZIE ROZZIE !

Good Riddance was developed in Darwin and has since become the “go to ” repellent for families all around the country .

It is a game changer in the world of insect repellents and ticks all the  health and environmental boxes for me …and for my many customers who just love it!

During 2019-2020 it was tested by the APVMA* in their laboratories and in the field around the country where it out performed every other repellent including those containing DEET . It was subsequently certified as safe and effective by the highest testing authority in the land !  Impressive to say the least !

This complete health and environmental package comes with its own little bite relief companion called RESCUE BALM! Mums around the country are wondering what they ever did with out this little first aid kit in a tube! Its fabulous for mozzie bites but also wonderful for use on cuts, scratches and any other itchy bits!

Key Features

  • Biodegradeable tubes
  • Smells Great Feels Great
  • Non Toxic
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Certified Safe for Babies & in Pregnancy*

*Australian Pest and Veterinary Medicine Association

Special area of interest…

I have a passion for Somatic Psychotherapy and for sharing my knowledge ! Somatic means “of the body” and Psychotherapy is “of the mind”.

My particular area of interest is in the nervous system, how it is disrupted when we experience trauma , what occurs in our bodies during the transition from a nice even flow (regulation) to a highly activated anxiety state or a shut down freeze state( both forms of dysregulation)….and how to find and return to that sweet spot called homeostasis or …you guessed it …regulation!

Although my work is underpinned by the principles of nervous system regulation , I  also offer Strengths Based and Solution Focused approaches to therapy , both of which are very complementary .  Strengths Based therapy emphasises the fact that we all have strengths, we are all resourceful and that, in fact, we have the solutions to our problems within us  …….sometimes we just cant get out of our own way to see them when we are in crisis. That’s where, with fresh eyes, I can help !

Who might benefit from Somatic Psychotherapy?

If you, like most of us, have experienced an adverse event in your lifetime,  whether due to early childhood trauma, a medical intervention, abuse, shock, a relationship breakdown or burnout (yes it really is a thing!) then you could benefit from my therapies.

Any of these events takes a huge toll on our physical, emotional, and psychological health.

Our brain is changed when we experience trauma but thankfully due to neuroplasticity we can “rewire” it ie. we can create new neural pathways as a result of specific training which, over time, with patience , consistency and hard work , enables us to respond rather than react to past triggers.

We know that the toxic effects of adverse life events can stay in our bodies at a cellular level for many years and may present much later as anxiety, depression, autoimmune dis-ease or simply a lack of vitality.

Both body and mind must work together to release the effects of stress which is stored in the body.

Somatic therapy is a powerful science based neuropsychobiological method of addressing the overwhelm associated with physical and emotional traumatic events.

It is now well recognised that we cannot treat a state of overwhelm by simply talking (top down approach)……we must also take what is called a “bottom up ” approach ie. actively involving the body as part of the healing process rather than just the mind.

How can I help you?

Education about your nervous system is essential to understanding how and why it affects the way you feel and behave every day.

Equally , touch is vitally important for your well being and in fact research has demonstrated that we  are likely to heal better both physically and mentally if we include regular massage/touch therapy as part of our self-care routine.

I am able to offer you the opportunity to access both nervous system regulation body work and talk therapy in one place , reducing the need to  visit a number of different practitioners.

I find that treating my clients with a variety of modalities helps build a deeper connection which brings its own special quality to our therapeutic relationship.

An introductory session with me may include the following..

  • an initial chat about how you are feeling and any worries you may have about the process….I want you to feel comfortable and at ease.
  • an explanation about how I work……
  • you telling me your story…as much as you choose to…in your own time.
  • me asking you some questions about yourself, your daily routine around sleep diet and exercise etc , your family and relationships, your childhood , your work and your interests …etc
  • finishing up with your expectations and what you hope to gain from our sessions.

Subsequent sessions are driven by you depending on how you feel at the time of your appointment.

They may include walking and talking , gentle breathwork, somatic exercises, meditation , listening to trauma specific healing music via headphones, massage or reflexology … its up to you .

I work together with you nurturing your resilience so that you are better able to manage the inevitable ups and downs of life and to live in a state of ease rather than with “dis-ease”.

I offer a comfortable and welcoming space with the option to sit inside or outside , weather permitting!

I bring authenticity, empathy, validation and kindness to our meetings ..not to mention a warm or cold drink and a little treat if you so desire!

Oh and there’s usually plenty of laughter just to round out our time together !

Benefits of Massage and Reflexology in Nervous System Regulation.

We all know how relaxing a massage can be but the benefits extend far beyond that “feel good” sensation we experience as we leave the therapy room.

The power of touch cannot be underestimated and massage is now considered a vital part of integrative medicine due to the extraordinary number of benefits it delivers including :

  • reducing stress by stimulating release of feel good hormones
  • reducing muscle tension
  • improving circulation
  • lowering heart rate and blood pressure
  • improving sleep
  • boosting immune function and decreasing inflammation

A bit more about Reflexology…

Reflexology is based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet relative to each organ and all parts the body.

Stimulating these reflexes in the feet with  firm thumb or finger pressure helps maintain optimum physiological functioning in the body by  increasing circulation, eliminating toxins, boosting metabolism and increasing energy levels .

Reflexology is incredibly relaxing and helpful in alleviating stress …..a great addition to my “calm the farm” toolkit ! You simply hop up on my table fully clothed ….minus shoes and socks.  Pop on some headphones (or not) and a  beautifully scented eye pillow , then drift away for an hour while I treat your whole body via your feet!