Guided drawing is a body focused approach to therapy.

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  2. Guided drawing is a body focused approach to therapy.

All feelings, sensations and emotions are connected to thought patterns and body postures .

All are related and they influence each other .

For example , we know that tight shoulders are related to stress and tension ie. our emotional and mental state . Tight shoulders also affect our posture .

Body work has to be part of effectively healing trauma.

Traumatized individuals are often terrified of feeling their internal body sensations lest they spiral out of control if certain sensations are allowed to come to the surface .

Guided drawing is not about “ making up things to draw “ …it’s about tapping into inner our guidance which can bring release and healing .

By getting in contact with and beginning to trust the body , individuals can develop a new form of language …body language… in which your body speaks its mind !

Contact me if you’d like to know more …or have a go !

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