Grounding is the energetic phenomena we experience when our bare skin directly connects to the Earth. To be grounded is to be energetically centered . We are not meant to be wearing rubber soles every time we leave the house. Our modern way of life has limited the raw contact our bodies have to the earth. Our bodies crave to be in contact with the earth on a daily basis.

Sadly much of todays technology gives off “dirty energy” or energy that hurts us instead of helps us. Exposing ourselves to more positive ions (electrical energy or dirty energy) than negative ions over a lifetime impacts our health.

Mother nature has the answer ! The cure is the earth’s natural healing powers. It’s free and easy to obtain. Once our skin makes contact with the earth, those positive ions are neutralized and we are again in balance. Balance will support us in living well with good health and prosperity. Most importantly we will feel great!

Why should we practice grounding ?

  1. Boosts your immune system
  2. Helps you sleep better
  3. Lowers daily stress levels
  4. Helps lower blood pressure
  5. Helps fight illness and disease
  6. Increases physical energy and strength
  7. Speeds up healing processes
  8. Drains away positive electrical build up
  9. Charges us with negative ions .
  10. Helps lower anxiety naturally.

Thats a lot to be gained from walking barefoot on the earth ! Do it for “goodness” sake !

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