How can EFT help your memory ?

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EFT or “tapping” is rapidly becoming the star of the show in the world of psychology.  Modern scientific techniques continue to prove that tapping reduces stress levels , anxiety ,pain and phobias to name a few.
Clinical research trials have shown that physically tapping with two fingers on acupuncture points on the upper body has the ability to profoundly change your brain , your body and your behaviour. Whether its forgetfulness, inability to remember simple facts (or jokes!) or to enhance learning processes , EFT can help!
 Memory loss is another area in which EFT can be effective. We know that stress, anxiety and depression can cause forgetfulness, confusion and difficulty concentrating. Research tells us that if we reduce stress levels , for example by use of EFT, we improve our memory!
If you’d like to be the “smart guy/gal” in your cohort at work or on social occasions why not give EFT a go?!
Just let me know via my contact page!
P.S. It works even if you don’t think it will !!

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